Project Dennis


Ms. Darling and her mother (Ms. Dennis) lived together in this home. In 1997, Mr. Dennis was diagnosed with bladder cancer, so Ms. Darling moved in to help care for her mother. Ms. Darling served as her primary caretaker for the next 19 years in this house. 

Ms. Dennis had suffered from health issues and spent most of her time confined to a hospital bed located in the living room of the home. 

In July 2016, as representatives from the City of Bryan Community Development Group presented her home to Rebuilding Together BCS personnel, Ms. Darling and her mom were present but it was obvious that her mother was very ill. 

On the day we returned to advise Ms. Darling and her mother that we selected their home for repair, Ms. Dennis had been taken to the local hospital and sadly passed later that evening. 

In subsequent meetings with Ms. Darling, she remained sad and in tears over what has happened. We have comforted her and assured her that Rebuilding Together Bryan/College Station will continue with all of the planned repairs, in honor of her mother. 

Ms. Darling has found it difficult to live outside her small bedroom because of all the memories of her mother throughout the house. She considers it a gift from God that these home repairs are coming during this grieving period.


This home was previously a commercial metal shop with cinder block wall construction. The primary issues are weatherization, home safety equipment, kitchen upgrade, and interior/exterior upgrade. 

The interior is cooled with four small air conditioning units, installed in four of the eight casement windows. The casement windows are open to allow the air conditioning units to fit in the windows, so the remaining open portion of the windows are fitted with insulation board and tape. 

The five small air conditioning units need to be replaced with two larger cooling/heating units.

Ms. Dennis had previously hired a contractor to help her upgrade her kitchen. Unfortunately, the contractor began the work, received the majority of his money up front and did not return the next day. The kitchen is in need of drawers, countertops, cabinet doors, and shelving.

The rear wood siding and front elevation are in need of repair and painting and the front awning is also in need of replacement.