Project Martinez

Homeowner Story

The Martinez family has lived in this home for the past 20 years. The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Martinez, a daughter and her two children. 

Mr. Martinez has a wonderful reputation with members of the City of Bryan Community Development Group, family and friends, for constantly taking care of his home. He has worked diligently to make his home as comfortable as he can for his family. He has upgraded the bathroom, worked on improving the kitchen, and maintained the exterior painting, but the larger improvements are simply out of reach for him, financially and physically.

The accumulation of these large projects and repairs have put them out of reach for him to perform on his own. His son has provided some assistance on previous projects, but the funds are not there to address some of the weatherization projects he desperately needs.

Due to Mr. Martinez’ efforts, the home’s overall condition is fair for a house this age, but the primary need remaining is for weatherization. The existing 28 individual windows are original, single-pane windows. They have been sealed up to prevent winter’s cold air from entering the house, creating a fire hazard. In addition, the attic insulation is original and ineffective. 

In addition to the energy efficiency of replacing the windows, eliminating the fire-safety hazard is imperative. In the summer, the radiant heat from the single-pane windows is currently overwhelming the existing air condition system.

As a result of the window replacement project, the siding will need repairing and trim added, and the exterior of the house will be repainted. Flooring needs repair in several parts of the house, and the existing wheelchair ramp is in disrepair and needs to be replaced and possibly relocated.